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Exciting Updates & New Cold Case Coming Soon!

January 10, 2019






I am so excited to announce that there is new information in this investigation which may be of significant help and aid in the identification of this woman (pictured below) and help give her her story back. Stay tuned for the update coming in the next few weeks!


Stay tuned as well for a blog post coming soon detailing a mysterious grave in Florence, Kentucky. You won't want to miss this! 


RECAP: (Full story in original blog post)

Just 12 miles from the Tennessee border and 50 miles north of Nashville a survey crew working on I-65 discovered the remains of an unidentified woman on October 9, 2001. She was found near the northbound lanes of the highway and it appeared that she had been thrown over a guardrail, down an embankment, and into a grove of trees. Investigators were up against one of the most difficult scenarios: a horrific crime, an unidentified victim found near a major highway, a killer on the loose and long gone from the scene. Anyone who has spent any time working violent crimes will tell you how difficult it is to solve the crime when the identity of the victim is unknown.
























The victim also had an outline tattoo of a rose

with a stem above her left breast.

It is pictured below.
















 Two rings were found near the body. One is a simple gold band. The other is a striking ornate silver ring that is painted with blue enamel and adorned with roses and leaves. The rings are pictured below.











To all of my readers: Please share this blog post and the video below. Together we can help give this woman back her story.


The You Tube video below was created by StillTheySpeak.com volunteers in honor of this victim. 

Even if you don't have any information on this case, you can literally help to solve it by posting this video to your website or Face Book account, or by e-mailing it to your friends and family and asking that they also pass it on. You never know who they know who might know someone who just might have the information needed to solve this case and bring this woman back home. Like ripples in a pond, let's work together to see that this information and this victim's story continue to go out. You can be the critical link in the chain that keeps this information circulating. 

Because she matters...



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My  experience as a kidnap and rape victim at 18 years of age, though one of the darkest moments in my life, became the basis for my passion and interest in violent crimes. I came to a moment in time where I realized  the darkness would either consume me or I could make the conscience choice to rise up from the brokenness and use my experience to help others.


That realization gave

birth to my life's  work and left me with an unshakeable resolve to get to the truth. It also imparted to me a  deep understanding of the human spirit's ability to overcome even the most horrific of circumstances. I became  acutely aware of the truth that we are not defined by the tragedies and heartaches of life, but in how we choose to respond to them.  Darkness has no power over us save what we give to it.


With every case I work I know full well that it could be my family searching for answers, I could be the missing person, the unidentified remains, with no name and no story. I was fortunate enough to survive that night and  I have dedicated my life to being the voice of those who can no longer speak for themselves.  I feel it is my duty and sacred responsibility to fight for these victims, to see to it that their stories are heard.


You can be  a part of finding answers for these unsolved cases. Read the stories and share the links because the more people these facts are presented to, the greater the likelihood they will be solved. They matter, they deserve answers, they deserve justice and you can make a difference in their story. None  forgotten, none silent.

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