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Meet Virginia

Virginia is a Licensed Private Investigator, Behavioral Analyst, Consultant, Certified Hostage Negotiator, Chaplain, and Author and has been working and studying in the field of violent crimes for over two decades. In her role as an investigator and profiler she has served the private sector as well as law enforcement and government officials both in the United States and abroad. Her primary areas of focus have been violent crimes investigations, behavioral profiling and analysis, cold cases, and wrongful convictions. She holds a Ph. D. in Criminal Justice from the University of Louisville. 


Virginia has an unquenchable thirst for the truth and is passionate about helping others find answers. This drive for truth extends beyond the world of investigations. As a survivor of multiple traumatic and violent events Virginia understands firsthand the brokenness that can result from that kind of pain.


Virginia is active in the community as a teacher, motivational coach, and lecturer helping people of all backgrounds find hope and healing for life's darkest moments. Drawing on her unique insights into human behavior, as well as her own personal experiences in navigating through significant trauma and loss, Virginia provides a road map for breaking free of the lies and shame that keep us from living our best life possible. For more information on speaking engagements, trainings, and other services offered, please click the "Services" tab!

Meet The Team


Lory Singleton, Licensed P.I.

For as long as I can remember I have had a longing and desire to find answers seeking truth and justice. Becoming a licensed private investigator has enabled me to put this passion to work whereby helping others seek justice and find the answers they long for. Integrity is the backbone of who I am and it can be found throughout every stage of every case in my workload. I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice from the University of Cincinnati with a minor in Psychology. One of my special focus areas in investigations is reuniting birth families and I currently have a 100% success rate in these cases. Other areas of interest include advocating for the wrongfully convicted, white collar crime, and corporate investigations.

Email Lory  

Phone: (859) 586-0768



“I had the great pleasure of working with Lory on locating a biological father for a client. Lory was very knowledgeable on the matter and very responsive when a question could come up during our investigation. I highly recommend Lory and look forward to working with her in the future.” –Jerry Moroles


“Lory was directly responsible for investigative work in locating and putting me in contact with biological family members. I am still overwhelmed by her persistence and knowledge of her field. She would not stop until they were found. I can’t thank her enough for her professional conduct and compassionate concern. Because of her confidence, ability and dedication, I now have a relationship with family members I never knew. Thank you Lory.” –Frank DiBenedetto


“Lory was absolutely phenomenal. We decided to network with Lory to find my mom and not only did she give us accurate results in a timely manner but her demeanor couldn’t have been any better! Obviously someone going through something like a birth parent search is going to have a range of emotions already and Lory was very kind and professional the entire time. We will be recommending her to anyone wanting to do a birth parent or similar search.” –Brian Sleeth

Summer 2021 Interns

Kasyn Tapia

Aissa Guerra

My name is Kasyn and I am a student at Northern Kentucky University pursuing a degree in Criminal Justice and Psychology. I became interested in criminal justice and the law around senior year of high school. These past two years at NKU have been amazing and I am excited to learn even more about the field through this internship. In the future, I want to pursue a career within forensics or the law to bring justice to those that deserve it!


Seneca Kanatzar


My name is Seneca. I am a senior at Northern Kentucky University majoring in law with a concentration in psychology. I am originally from Ohio but have lived in the Northern Kentucky area for the last 19 years. I worked as a hairdresser for seven years and became a full time stay at home mom until my daughter was self-sufficient. I knew at that point I wanted to follow my goals of finishing college and pursuing a career that I thoroughly enjoy waking up and going to every day. My love for the criminal justice system, criminal behavior, and the driving force behind why criminals make such reckless decisions.


In my spare time if I am not working on assignments for school, I love to refinish old, and extremely ugly furniture into beautiful pieces to put into homes. It is a therapy for me I have enjoyed many years. Visiting my mother, time with my family and our two Maine Coons are the things I cherish most. 

My name is Aissa and I’m originally from Brownsville, a town on the southernmost border of Texas. I moved to Northern Kentucky in 2005 and have lived around the area ever since. Currently, I’m a junior at Northern Kentucky University in the Criminal Justice program and I also volunteer with Women Helping Women, an organization that serves survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking. I have plans to take the LSAT next June and attend law school with hopes to eventually work at the Department of Justice, either in the Civil Rights Division or Office on Violence Against Women. 

As soon as I read that Dr. Braden worked on cold cases and wrongful convictions, I decided this internship was a perfect fit for me. I have a deep passion for justice, the truth, and am also always excited to utilize my critical thinking skills and learn from hands on experience. I believe that interning with Dr. Braden will give me an invaluable opportunity to see how our criminal justice system works, and I also believe that my interests in philosophy, literature, and human and civil rights will be a great addition to the team. 

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