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Virginia is a Licensed Private Investigator, Behavioral Analyst, Consultant, Certified Hostage Negotiator, Chaplain, and Author and has been working and studying in the field of violent crimes for over two decades. In her role as an investigator and profiler she has served the private sector as well as law enforcement and government officials both in the United States and abroad. Her primary areas of focus have been violent crimes investigations, behavioral profiling and analysis, cold cases, and wrongful convictions. She holds a Bachelor's and a Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice from the University of Louisville and is currently working on obtaining her Doctorate in Criminal Justice at the University of Louisville. Her new book "Life is's some help" is available for purchase on Amazon. 


Virginia has an unquenchable thirst for the truth and is passionate about helping others find answers. This drive for truth extends beyond the world of investigations. As a survivor of multiple traumatic and violent events Virginia understands firsthand the brokenness that can result from that kind of pain.


Virginia is active in the community as a teacher, motivational coach, and lecturer helping people of all backgrounds find hope and healing for life's darkest moments. Drawing on her unique insights into human behavior, as well as her own personal experiences in navigating through significant trauma and loss, Virginia provides a road map for breaking free of the lies and shame that keep us from living our best life possible. For more information on speaking engagements, trainings, and other services offered, please click the "Services" tab!

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