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"Life is Hard...Here's Some Help"

You have always been and will forever be a soul worthy of shining, a being worthy of complete and total adoration and love. You matter, you belong, and right here right now, the world needs you more than ever before to awaken to the memory of who it is you came here to be. Disappointments and disillusionments may have dimmed that memory, but there is hope and help within these pages. Life is’s some help offers a roadmap back to who you’ve always known you were created to be. This book is a guide for all those who seek to know the wonder and magic of a life lived on purpose for a purpose. Life is’s some help invites you to answer the call of your soul and awaken to the brilliance of who you are!

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"Sanctuary: Musings, Prayers, and Affirmations to Soothe the Broken Heart"
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These pages were penned from inspiration drawn from two decades of working with people who have experienced significant trauma and loss. They are my heroes and these pages were written with their courage in mind. Within these pages you will find musings, prayers, and affirmations to comfort, heal, and soothe the broken heart. You will find the space you need to mourn. You will find the faith you need to believe you are not alone. You will find permission to cry, to fall apart, to laugh, to rage, to question, to defy. You will find permission to grieve in the way that you need to grieve. May my offering be of service to you as you travel grief's shadowed miles and may you find sanctuary within these pages.

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