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Personal & Professional Development Series
Group, Corporate, and Individual Training
"Powerful Inspiration Meets Practical Application"  


The Braden Institute for Leadership
& Community Engagement
Building Communities Where All Are Seen, All Are Heard, and All Belong, Always

  "Everybody Counts or Nobody Counts" ~ Harry Bosch, Fictional Detective


To find out more about the services available and how partnering with The Braden Institute for Leadership and Community Engagement can help you fulfill your organization's mission and vision, contact us here.

  • Beautiful Dreamer- Beautiful Dreamer is workshop for people of all ages, and all backgrounds and I guarantee you will leave inspired, energized, and more determined than ever to live the life you came here to live. The next workshop is FEBRUARY 22, 2024! Click here for more info!

  • Body Talk- Non-Verbal Communication Essentials for Client Care & Relational Success. 

  • What's in an App? - An Up Close Look at the Impact of Social Media on Child & Teen Mental Health, Self Image, & Relationships.

  • Crisis, Conflict, and Connection- Strategies for turning what divides us into what connects us.

  • Seven Myths About Leadership- Real talk about leading in the real world.

  • A Dignified Response: Responding to the Needs of the Marginalized-Developing and implementing a caring, compassionate, and wise response to marginalized members of the community. 

  • Self Compassion and Other Super Powers- A toolbox for those who lead and serve.

  • Helping the Helper- Strategies for Avoiding and Combating Compassion Fatigue. 

  • Campfire Sessions- Intensive, personalized one on one (individual or team) sessions for businesses and organizations of all sizes. Clients are provided with a detailed analysis identifying lynchpin needs and a path to filling them. The result? A customized road map for success that works!

"We were blown away with the  insight you had for our team! The practical advice you gave us moving forward was so valuable."

L. Conger (Non Profit)

"Our people are ranting and raving about everything they learned. Hands down the best training we've ever had!"

B. Turner (Ky State Agency)

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