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Dr. Virginia Braden proudly serves the for profit and non-profit members of our community with a full range of professional analytical and investigative services from the most basic to the highly specialized. Virginia will work with your team to provide tailor made strategies that address the specific needs and unique elements of your situation. Virginia takes great pride in designing solutions that are custom fit to the needs of each particular circumstance and environment.


  In addition to investigative and analytical services, Dr. Braden is available as a key note speaker and offers innovative solutions through her Professional Development & Training Series. Click here to learn more! 

  Investigative & Consulting  Services

"I have worked with Virginia on many projects related to my law practice and beyond. She is well qualified, well prepared, committed, industrious, and effective. I attribute several successful case outcomes directly to her efforts.

I have no hesitation in recommending Virginia in any of her skill sets. Whether you need to locate witnesses, coach attorneys or clients on body language or non-verbal cues, interview witnesses, conduct background investigations, or prepare witnesses to testify, you will not find a better team member."

-Frank Cardis, Attorney at Cardis Law


  • Background Checks/Investigations    

  • Missing Relatives/Friends

  • Birth Parent/Child Location

  • Unsolved Homicides


Attorneys & Insurance Professionals:

  • Witness Location

  • Interview & Statement Procurement

  • Interview & Statement Analysis

  • Death Investigations

  • Violent Crimes Investigations

  • Behavioral Analysis (event/crime specific)

  • Body Language Interpretation Training


Law Enforcement:

  • Violent Crimes, Cold Cases Consultations, and Behavioral Analysis services provided pro bono.

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