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 "Powerful Inspiration Meets Practical Application" 

One of the great delights of my life is helping others live the life they were brought here to live.

 I am passionate about truth and helping people discover the lies that keep them living small. My workshops and trainings are designed to educate and inspire and are empirically based providing you with relevant and timely science backed concepts and practical know how. There is a profound sense of  fulfillment and satisfaction that comes when you are living a life that is on purpose and I can help you do just that. My workshops  provide you with the tools you need to achieve your best life possible whether as an organization, agency, or individual.  

Currently I am a keynote speaker for conferences and agency trainings, and I also regularly conduct community based workshops which are open to the general public. 


If you'd like more information or to schedule me to speak at your event or schedule a training at your agency, please click to email or call (859) 462-4760. 

If you'd like to be notified of upcoming community based workshops, please scroll down and click the "Notify Me About New Classes" button. 

To find out more about my story, please visit the "Meet Virginia" page!

Personal & Professional Development Series
Group, Corporate, and Individual Training 

  • Body Talk- Non-Verbal Communication Essentials for Client Care & Relational Success (Most Requested Training.)

  • So Now What? - Learn the Four Critical Principles to Mastering Challenges, Navigating Set Backs, and Turning the Unexpected into Opportunities for Good.  (Second Most Requested Training)

  • Breaking Up With Fear- This course teaches simple, practical, actionable steps to leveraging fear and turning it into an ally . 

  • Transformations- This workshop provides you with the critical insights necessary to achieve lasting positive change no matter how many times you have tried and failed.

  • Kind to Me- The Art of Loving Ourselves Where We Are As We Are (Third Most Requested Training.)

  • Helping the Helper- Strategies for Avoiding and Combating Compassion Fatigue 

  • Campfire Sessions- Intensive, personalized one on one (individual or team) sessions for businesses and organizations of all sizes. A detailed analysis which identifies the critical shifts needed to overcome obstacles and which promote lasting success. 

"We were blown away with the  insight you had for our team! The practical advice you gave us moving forward was so valuable." L. Conger (Non Profit)

"Our people are ranting and raving about everything they learned. Hands down the best training we've ever had!" B. Turner (Ky State Agency)

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